Pickling Spice Recipe

#SimplyCanning shares their pickling spice recipe and includes instructions on how to pickle food in step-by-step guides and videos. Learn how to preserve your own food! #PicklingSpiceRecipe #Pickling

How to Make a Ginger Bug for Homemade Fermented Sodas

How to make ginger bug for homemade, naturally fermented sodas. For this easy recipe, all you need is fresh organic ginger, sugar (or honey!), and water. And it has so many uses! You can use this recipe to make homemade probiotic lemonade, ginger beer, and even root beer. If you[…]

Probiotic Water Kefir Tea

Probiotic Water Kefir Tea! Follow my recipes to learn how to make this delicious DIY water kefir using tea instead of water! It’s so delicious, even your kids will love it, plus it’s easy enough for beginners! Learn about grains, the benefits, how to second ferment, add flavors and more![…]