Fermented Serrano Pepper Hot Sauce

Fermented Serrano pepper hot sauce has an explosion of flavor, and is the perfect way to use a garden bounty of peppers during their peak growing season.

How to Make Milk Kefir Cheese

Milk Kefir Cheese is one of the easiest homemade cheeses that you can make. It’s full of healthy probiotics and so easy to make! Learn how to make your own cheese at home with this step by step tutorial for homemade milk kefir cheese. #cheesemaking #kefir #recipe

How to Make REAL Homemade Root Beer with Herbs

This homemade root beer is so delicious, brightly flavored with herbs and spices, naturally sweet and lightly fizzy. And it’s made the old-fashioned way – through fermentation. Fermented sodas are naturally fizzy, and loaded with probiotics. Plus it’s A LOT easier than you think. ❤| #rootbeer #herbs

43 Fermented & Probiotic-Filled Condiments

43 Fermented and Probiotic-Filled Condiments | Your family just. doesn’t. like. them. Like what? Fermented foods. I know… shocking. 😉 Yet, actually, this is very common! So I’m bound and determined to help you succeed! Let’s continue on our ever-important quest to add more beneficial bacteria to our guts, this[…]